Joel Kimeu


Philipians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


At Deliverance Church, I now recognize the power of the Holy Spirit. He has worked powerfully through me, my family and other members of the church whom we call our spiritual family. I have discovered that the church is not a 'holy hangout' but it is a bonding place of the broken hearted, set free by forgiveness of sin by the blood of Jesus. As  the vision of the church, "A Caring , Praying and Missionary Church", DC Ruai is a transforming centre where believers have an opportunity to grow and serve.

To God be the Glory!!

Ezekiel MachariaDeacon

I thank the Lord for His favor, through DC Ruai I have managed to bring up a God fearing family all who are engaged in different ministries which really makes me happy. Moreover, by connection with the Church, I have come to know the Lord far much better with an opportunity to read His word. I want to thank the Pastor and the leadership of the Church for giving me a chance to serve in the leadership level.

Let the name of the Lord be praised. Shalom!!

Joel KimeuDeacon

At DC Ruai, brotherly love is real with every smile and handshake of members after the service is so encouraging. The Pastor's sermon has always seemed to whisper something to me every Sunday I visit. During one of the men's meetings, I was appointed as Vice Chair of the men's fellowship. I was so fearful but by God's grace and many encouraging sermons from Pastor, I gained courage and was able to serve  without fear.

To be in DC Ruai, I count it as God's divine plan to mould me to serve Him.

John TheuriDeacon

When I came to live in Ruai, I joined DC Ruai for worship. I found the worship is unto the True Living God who created all. It is here where I  get spiritual nourishment. Where I have been taught the importance of prayer, how to pray to God, the fear of God, serving God and how to live a Holy and Righteous life for without which, no man shall see God. I thank God for ordering my steps to DC Ruai and placing me under the anointing of His servant, Pst. Elijah Ng'ethe. May His Name be glorified!!

Rosemary NjoguParishioner

When I moved to Ruai in 1999, my life was devastated and hopeless. I had contemplated on escaping to Uganda with my children and make sure that nobody would know of our whereabouts, so that I would forget my past. A certain brother invited me to DC Ruai, the church leadership came to learn of my problems and became very supportive. Later, I was given an opportunity to serve in various departments. This made me realize my self worth in Christ and become established in my salvation life.

Monica NjukaDeacon

Since I joined DC Ruai, God has increased my spiritual life. Back then, I could not pray or share the word of God but today I can. Glory be to God!!

Jane MushoriDeacon

To get saved and remain passive and timid is possible for a believer. That is how I was before joining DC Ruai.

A place where you pick up your cross daily and follow Jesus Christ. A place where you discover your God-given gift and practice it and a place where you have daily encounter with God through prayer meetings, Bible Studies and fellowships. Ideal for personal growth in the Kingdom of God. Amen

Charles AnyanzwaDeacon

I joined DC Ruai officially in 2015 (5 years after my salvation). Despite the five years in the faith, I was still a baby in the faith. Since joining DC Ruai, I can describe my growth in the faith as exponential. It is in this period that I discovered my giftings in music, teaching, leadership and administration. I also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in this period. Moreover, in this period I was privileged to interact and be discipled in Christian Ministry Service by several individuals in different ministries and with different approaches to ministry.

Paul IndasiYouth Chairman