Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

God’s Unfailing Principle (Text. Gal 6:7)

The creator has set some fixed laws in the universe. They are unfailing. You can use them for your benefit or you can break them at your peril.

One of this is the law of sowing and reaping – Gen. 8:22

Your reaping is determined by the kind of soil, season and the amount you sow – Gal. 6:8

1. Increase Determined By Investment – Invest for growth (Ps.1:1-3; 1Pt. 2:2)

– Decision – Which way you want to go (Dan.1:8)

– Discrimination (Ps.1:1)

  • Whose company you keep.
  • Which places to go.
  • What you feed on.
  • What you spend your time doing.
  • What to concentrate on.
  • What to give up – The law of sacrifice

2. Growth – The Expected Outcome Of Every Newborn Person

– God’s men grow (1Sam.3:19; Lk.1:80; Lk.2:52)

– Daniel grew and became an Intercessor, counselor and prophet

– You too can grow

3.Occupations That Make You Grow

– Prayer

– Studying the word

– Fellowship with other believers

– Serving

– Stewardship

4. It Depends On You – Dt. 1:2

– 11 days or 40 years.

– Survival or spiritual death (Dt.2:14-16)

Jer. 6:16

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