Sifa Christian School


The Lord has enabled us to start a beautiful Christian school within the church premises. The school is currently housed in a two floor structure with a foundation which is able to carry up to 4 floors. Our concern is the need to bring up children in a Christian atmosphere while promoting excellence in our children’s academic pursuit. The school is registered with the Ministry of Education and is also a registered examination centre under Kenya National Examination Council.

The school is compliant with all the relevant authorities in the field of education, health and business regulation and has obtained all the necessary licensing. The enrollment of the school has been increasing steadily and the school has offered K.C.P.E for two years (2018 & 2019)

The school has a Computer lab to promote computer literacy to all our children, a Music lab to nurture musical talents among children and offers French language classes to all upper class pupils to give them international exposure and competence.

The school has two mini-vans for pupil transport and has been able to provide transport to and from school at an affordable fee to parents.

Our intention is to make the school a center of excellence in academic as well as spiritual nurture of our children as well as other children from our neighborhood.