Four Things Christians Should Know About Islam

Four Things Christians Should Know About Islam

Islam is now supposed to be the fastest growing religion in the world, especially in Europe and America. The influence of Islam is increasing all over the world, yet many Christians do not understand about Islam. Let us examine some points:

1. Origins

By Mohammed who was born in 570 AD. He was employed as a camel driver for a rich lady called Khadija, whom he later married.

He came across Christians and Jews during his caravan travels and thereafter synthesized a faith that had elements of the two plus his own additions which he claimed was given by revelation by angel Gabriel. Mohammed recognized Abraham, Moses, prophets and Jesus as prophets but claimed that he was the greatest and the last prophet. He called his new religion ISLAM, which means submission.

2. Early Years

Mohammed urged the Meccans to reject all their gods except one Allah, who was one of the gods worshipped in the Kaaba and accept him as the prophet of Allah. The people of Mecca rejected him and in 622 AD he fled to Medina where he got a following. He raised an army in Medina and conquered Mecca in 630 AD compelling them to become Muslims. He became the ruler of Mecca and Medina and continued to use force to convert other neighboring Arab towns to Islam. Islam was propagated to the rest of the Middle East, parts of Europe and parts of Asia militarily.

3. Beliefs of Islam – Muslims believe that: 

– There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.

– The Quran is the last and only authoritative word of Allah.

– That the Torah is God’s word but it was corrupted by the Jews.

– That the Gospels were corrupted by Christians and that Jesus did not die on the cross.

– Believe in angels as Allah’s messengers as well as Jinns.

– In the last day men will be judged according to their works.

– A paradise for Muslims and an everlasting hell for non-Muslims.

4. Five Pillars Of Islam

(i) KALIMAT(Creed) – A Muslim must recite this often to show personal belief, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.”

(ii) DUA (Prayer) – Prayers must be made five times a day facing Mecca.

(iii) ZAKAT (Alms) –  1/40 of a Muslim’s income is to be given as alms to the poor.

(iv) SAUM (Fast) –Fasting throughout the daylight hours during the time of Ramadan, a religious holiday.

(v) HAJ (Pilgrimage) – All pilgrims must journey to Mecca sometime in their lives.

NB: A large fraction of Muslims hold to a Sixth Pillar known as “Jihad” or “Holy War.” In effect, this is a requirement to kill anyone who is an unbeliever or not a faithful Muslim.

Differences Between Christianity And Islam

1. The founders – Christ was the sinless son of God; Mohammed was a sensuous human being.

2. Islam is a religion of works; There is no grace or atonement in Islam.

3. Islam is a religion of coercion; In Christianity we make free choices.

4. Islam rejects the truth of Christ’s atonement for sins and salvation.

5. Islamic heaven is a sensuous male only heaven.

6. Unlike the Christian faith, there is no Holy Spirit in Islam.

7. Islam believe in powerful spirits (jinns) for personal use; Christians cast out devils.

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