Differences Between Christianity And Islam

Differences Between Christianity And Islam

Many people have been taught that Islam and Christianity are sister religions who worship the same God. I wish to show through this outline that they are diametrically opposed to one another. The following points may serve to illustrate.

1. Allah and Jehovah are NOT the same God

  • While Jehovah is love; Allah does not express love.
  • Jehovah provides atonement for our sins through His son Jesus Christ; Allah demands you save yourself through good works.
  • Jehovah is our father; Allah does not engage in such a relationship, he only demands submission. Allah does not have a son.
  • Jehovah communicates with all his servants; Allah does not communicate with Muslims after Mohammed.

2. Jihad or holy war is prescribed in the Koran and Hadith

  • Jesus taught His disciples to turn the other cheek and love their enemies.
  • Christ forbade vengeance for His followers but to forgive and pray for them.
  • Christianity can only be propagated peacefully; Jihad coerces people to faith.
  • Muslims are taught to kill, subjugate and enslave their enemies.

3. There are specific protocols in Islam

  • In Christ there is neither male nor female.
  • There is no specific dressing prescriptions in Christianity.
  • Arabic culture is enforced in Islam.
  • Muslim morality is based on expediency.

4. Islam does not believe in religious freedom

  • You can be compelled to believe; Christians are free to choose.
  • Being a Muslim is compulsory for certain people.
  • There is a threat of death for converting to any other religion.
  • Other religions face Persecution in Muslim majority nations.

5. Islam has a low view of Jesus and denies the Trinity

  • That He is only a man, not the son of God.
  • They teach that He did not die.
  • Islam denies the doctrine of the Trinity.

6. The Character of the founders – Comparison of Jesus and Mohammed

  • Jesus came as a suffering servant; Mohammed as a military conqueror.
  • Christ’s kingdom was not of this earth; Mohammed enjoyed temporal power.
  • Christ’s ministry was miraculous; Mohammed only taught.
  • The moral life of Christ was absolute; Mohammed taught sensuality.
  • Christ said He was the way; Mohammed confessed He did not know his destiny.
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